FAST Pinball Hardware Update

We have been hard at work on just about everything BUT updating our website. That will not be the case for much longer! We have sent out a couple new board designs and will have the latest revision of the FAST WPC Controller in our hands any day now. So for a quick update this afternoon, here are a couple files for the FAST WPC Controller.

This week we will be adding more detailed “product” descriptions of the hardware in its various forms. On deck will be the FAST WPC Controller, FAST Smart Fuse Block and our RGB LEDs.

More soon!

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1 Response

  1. Hello,
    Im a lot interested to your WPC V2 board.
    I would like to use your board for my pinball projects.
    I would like to buy a develope board and toolkit for develope my personal software.
    my mail is:
    my phone is: 919 812 7863

    Best regards.
    Fulvio Fabiani
    C.E.O. of United States Quantum Leap LLC
    Miami -FL- USA