FAST Pinball at the NW Pinball & Arcade Show 2014!

Phew! We made it! Getting ready to have a booth at a big show is always more work than you remember. Those few items you forgot… The traffic you didn’t expect… The physical exhaustion of the all-nighters leading up to the event! But we made it!

We are very excited to have a presence at the NW Pinball & Arcade Show. This is our hometown show and we are really stoked to show off what we have been working on. Not only do we have a booth space, we are also doing a talk Friday night at 5pm w/ Matt Christiano of Planetary Pinball joining us. The goal of our talk this year is to update everyone on what we have been up to and talk more about “WPC 2.0” which Rick Bartlett announced in Texas earlier this year.

If you are in town, come check out the show and see what we have been up to! If you aren’t in town, head this way! The show will be a blast!

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