Mission Pinball Framework Supports FAST Pinball Platform

So much has been going on behind the scenes and I have been doing a terrible job of sharing all the good stuff! But this one is just too exciting to miss!

We have been working a long time on our new hardware. Brian and Gabe have been working very hard on the Mission Pinball Framework. When Dave and I met with Brian in Seattle earlier this year we knew there was a great opportunity to align our interests. We have worked closely to be sure they had everything they needed to let the FAST Pinball Platform be a great hardware compliment to the MPF. With the 0.0.8 release FAST Platform support is now complete. Read more about it 0.0.8 update and the Mission Pinball Framework.

Big thanks to everyone who has worked to make this happen! Especially, Brian Madden and Roy Eltham who have been burning the midnight oil with us. We’ll sleep when we are dead? 🙂

FAST Pinball

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  1. Fulvio says:

    I hope to use soon your platform. 😉