FAST Pinball / Mission Pinball Talk – July 18th 2015 @ 6pm

Super excited to be hosting a talk at California Extreme 2015 with our friend Brian Madden of Mission Pinball. This year our talk will be on Saturday, July 18th @ 6pm. This will be a great chance for folks to come and get a run through on what has been going on with FAST, what is new with our hardware and all the great things you can do with it. At the same time, if you are brand new to building your own pinball game or just want to know what it takes to program a game, Brian Madden from Mission Pinball will be there to talk about just what it takes to bring your first game to life using the Mission Pinball Framework (MPF).

We have a booth setup again this year where you can come by for a little hands on time with the FAST hardware and the Mission Pinball Framework. Looking forward to the show!

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