Pinball Expo 2015

We are very excited to be speaking again this year at Pinball Expo 2015. Dave and I will be sharing a stage with Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth of Mission Pinball, as well as Brian Cox, creator of Tattoo Mystique.

Tattoo Mystique was the first complete game created using the FAST Pinball hardware and the Mission Pinball Framework. We thought Pinball Expo would be a great opportunity to share what it took to bring Tattoo Mystique to life. The fun with “beta” hardware. The joys of a rapidly developing software framework. The challenges of turning the game ideas that are in your head, into something that can be enjoyed by others.

But there is also the true joy of seeing it all come together! We hope that those who come to listen to us share the journey leave motivated to give it a try themselves or at least have a new appreciation for all the hard work that goes into making something so fun!

Hope to see you at the talk!

What: “New Hardware, New Software, New Pinball Makers” (Learn about Tattoo Mystique, the first FAST/Mission powered pinball game.)
When: Saturday, October 17th @ 11am
Where: Botanic Room at The Westin Chicago North Shore

Be sure to come by the booth and see what people are creating with FAST Pinball hardware and the Mission Pinball Framework. From completed games & rich whitewoods to “pretty boxes of lights,” there should be plenty to see and talk about. Scheduled to be in the booth…

Tattoo Mystique by Brian Cox
Nightmare Before Christmas by Mark Incitti
Elemental by Chris Dana
Muppets Pinball by Jack Bridges
Peanuts Pinball by Aaron Davis

How many days left?! 🙂

FAST Pinball

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