FAST Smart Fuse Block

The FAST Smart Fuse Block provides an elegant way to integrate switching power supplies into a pinball machine. To help protect users, a hardware switch can be wired to a coin-door to kill the high voltage at the power filter board while still allowing the 5v and 12v into the system.

Feature Highlights

  • High-voltage enable switch input (to turn off the high voltage with a coin-door switch)
  • Fuses light green when in use and active and light red when the fuse is blown.
  • Fuse Status LED w/ Constant Current Driver

Connector Pinout

J1 PIN Fuse Block Output 7-Pin .156″
LOAD1 Switched Load 1 OUTPUT
LOAD1 Switched Load 1 OUTPUT
LOAD2 Switched Load 2 OUTPUT
LOAD2 Switched Load 2 OUTPUT
\/ KEY N/A
LD1 Direct Load 1 OUTPUT
LD2 Direct Load 2 OUTPUT
J2 PIN Fuse Block Input 7-Pin .156″
ENA Coin Door Switch Input INPUT
GND Coin Door Switch Return INPUT
\/ KEY N/A
DIRECT Direct Voltage INPUT
LOAD2 Direct Voltage INPUT
LD1 Switched Voltage INPUT
LD2 Switched Voltage INPUT